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Lyudmila Reznik
Revelation of the Mystery
«A path on water»

       «Speaking about meditative state of various height we speak of reality that we expose in the form of an energy of some certain frequency.
       There are events in our life when the Masters of Hierarchy can reveal Themselves. It is the creative work of the Highest mind and throat. It is the love of the Highest Virgins heart. It is the will of the Mother of Shine with eyes of Buddha. It is the highest Couple - Uranika and Saturn - a couple of the Sixth Ascent.
       And Mother Kali? She in no way can reveal Herself in our mortal life. She cannot appear in creative work, nor with Appeal. It is because She is quiet. She passes by, like the Quietness itself. She hovers over the people's fates there is, no activity for Her, no need. As though the whole Earth is ready to die. Because if one doesn't live Her Life of intensive purity, Her Life of nature then by the end of the earthly life he will face death who doesn't live with Her. You don't have Her in your fate - it mean you are different!
       Kali freezes in the zones of the Earth absolutely deprived of any possibility to move, to realise Herself. There is no activity for Her. Doesn't the Earth need immortality?»

About the book Instead of Introduction


    Chapter 1

  • Who are you? A Dancer or just a sum of steps?
  • «About pattern of a day»
  • Commentaries to apocryphal «Magdalene's Gospel»   
  • Do you know your higher advantage?
  • Cosmos and we
  • Ascending meditation
  • About demand
  • What you conscience is identified with
  • Liturgy to the Masters
  • About Rakoczi
  • A prayer for Kali
  • A lesson of cat Manya
  • Power and Glory   
  • The Trinity
  • Careerists in the Spirit
  • Careerists in the Spirit (continuation)
  • New Tamara   
  • Concrete spirituality   
  • The exactingness of men
  • A prayer
  • Women-the-Souls
  • Gratitude at attacks   
  • Having touched the light - to win or to die
  • A caterpillar and a butterfly   
  • The ownership and domination
  • A girl's cry
  • The unity of the Spirit, Soul and Form
  • A group Monad
  • The Soul and «a lame girl»
  • The state at the first touch of Monad
  • The mountains have become a home
  • The polarity in us and overcoming of it
  • A man's yearning for the Holy Spirit
  • Become Love
  • Why has Demon perished?   
  • How Homa looked at Viy
      Chapter 2

  • The Pluto transmission into the Scorpio
  • «The Virgin will save the world but not apostles and prophets»
  • A path on the water
  • At the edge of the abyss
  • Prolongation to the salvation
  • I'm sorry for them
  • Faith, hope, love
  • The mystery of the Twin
  • Comfort of Souls
  • To survive or to die
  • A scandal of a husband and a wife
  • Asya and Igor
  • Morning meditation
  • A hammer and a sickle
  • Triadic meditation
  • Whose norm do you carry out?
  • The danger of impenitence
  • Morning meditation
  • George the Victorious   New!
  • Foredoom to be in love
  • What does it mean: «For the Christ's sake»
  • A stab on the head
  • About naturality
  • The earth and the sky have shaken
  • Where are you, Monadic Mothers?
  • Who owes whom?
  • About vulnerability
  • Buonarroty. «Doomsday»
  • A prayer for the Christ
  • Extracts of the mysterial group diary
  • Problems of zodiacal types
  • About the appearance of the Christ

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